A 4 Week Virtual Event To Reignite Your Spark, Reclaim Your Joy, and Live Life Loudly #everydamnday.
Join us from April 15 to May 14, 2021
Brought to you by The Shameless Mom Academy - a top rated podcast with over 3.5 million downloads in 140 countries.
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WHOA mama.  We have just endured one of the most trying years of our lives.  Are you ready to Reclaim your power?
For the last year you have been super human. The fatigue is real.  
The overwhelm is too much.  But you've given it all you got.  

And now you are ready to:

  • Move forward from 2020 
  • ​Find your mojo again after a relentless year of worry and uncertainty
  • Overcome the constant self doubt and indecision of pandemic life
  • ​Find a major dose of inspiration to light your soul back on FIRE
  • ​Make changes in your life that bring you joy
  • ​Set better boundaries in your work and in your relationships in order to have more power #everydamnday
  • ​Be in community with other moms who are ready to grow and thrive with you
Are you wondering how you can possibly make all this a reality?

If you're feeling stuck - like you have no control over your life, like everything is uncertain, and like you have to put everything on hold to support others - I have great news for you.

You have the choice to start changing your life right now.  

You get to choose how you show up.  You get to choose who you show up for.  You get to choose how to manage your day and how to manage your emotions and mental health.  

You have so much power right now, even if you're not feeling it.  I am here to help you find it again.  This all starts with the Shameless Mom Con Collective.
      I am personally inviting you to the most powerful, impactful, life changing virtual event for moms. 
      Prepare Your Heart....
      The Shameless Mom Con Collective 
      Will change your life....
      During this 4 week experience you can expect: 
      • Rich learning opportunities from world class speakers of all backgrounds so you can be a stronger leader with a more diverse world view
      • Powerful coaching with actionable steps to inspire you to become a decision maker and action taker in your life
      • A judgment-free zone where you can show up and share openly and honestly so you can make the connections we've been sorely lacking for the last year
      • Support from other moms who want to get to know you and cheer for you so you can take more confident action in your life
      • Deep dives into therapeutic conversations that will help you reset your mindset around your self limiting beliefs
      • Dynamic connections and conversations with moms who don't take themselves too seriously so you can actually start laughing again
      The Shameless Mom Con Collective is a 
      4 week virtual event for moms who want to:
      • ​Learn how to take more confident and courageous action #everydamnday
      • ​Create more joy and more opportunities to live in your gifts
      • Find hope during unpredictable times
      • ​Rewrite the stories that are keeping you stuck in your struggles
      • ​Better navigate fear and self doubt
      •  Learn how to be seen, stand in your power, and use your voice in deeply impactful ways
      • ​Develop a stronger sense of identity outside of motherhood and marriage 
      • ​Get fired up about your life, your purpose, and your mission in this world
      • ​Overcome self limiting beliefs  
      • ​Build relationships with other Shameless Moms
      WARNING: The Shameless Mom Con Collective 
      Is Not For You If:
      • You are perfectly content with your current life and you don't want to improve your habits
      • ​You are already super confident and self assured and you always know just how to get what you want without the support of others 
      • ​You already have a plan to reach all your goals and you don't any help implementing the plan 
      • ​You don't want to connect with other moms 
      • ​You are perfectly happy with all your relationships (in your marriage, with family, at work, with money) 
      • ​You don't believe in taking Shameless time for yourself for self care and fun
      Your Shameless Mom Con Collective Schedule:
        Virtual Kick Off Party: 
      Thursday, April 15th 4-5pm PDT 
        Weekly Speaker Sessions: 
      Mondays, April 19th - May 10th 
       4-5pm PDT
         Weekly Coaching & Happy Hour: 
      Thursday, April 22nd - May 6th 
       4-5pm PDT
        Virtual Retreat Day: 
      Friday, May 14th 8am-2pm PDT
        Your Schedule for 
        The Shameless Mom Con Collective 
          Virtual Kick Off Party: 
        Thursday, April 15th  4-5pm PDT 
          Weekly Speaker Sessions: 
        Mondays, April 19th - May 10th  4-5pm PDT
           Weekly Coaching & Happy Hour: 
        Thursdays, April 22nd - May 6th  4-5pm PDT
           Virtual Retreat Day: 
        Friday, May 14th  8am-2pm PDT
          What You Get During The  
          Shameless Mom Con Collective
          Virtual Kick Off Party
          We will have a virtual Kick Off Party to kick off the collective and get you all set up for 4 weeks of fun.
          Weekly Coaching & Happy Hour
          Join me weekly for powerful mindset coaching and happy hour where we all get to connect and celebrate!
          Weekly Featured Speakers
          Each week we will have a special guest speaker share her brilliance, badassery, and expertise.
          Access To Our Private Shameless Mom Con Facebook Group 
          You will be able to connect with all the moms in the collective right after your register!
          Virtual Retreat Day
          We will have a full conference day to wrap up this 4 week event.  There will be speakers and workshops and tons of awesomeness to culminate the entire Collective experience. 
          Shameless Swag...
          We will send a special Shameless Care Package right to your door!

          Your Life can take a magical turn. Starting now.
          11 years ago I was in a desperate place.  The economy had just crashed andI felt my career slipping through my fingers.  I felt my identity crumbling.  I was terrified and felt terribly alone.  3 days after my wedding, I found myself sobbing uncontrollably to my new husband about how scared I was. 

          Shortly after my hysterical meltdown with the hubs, I signed up for a conference to help me become a more confident and powerful leader.  

          I had never been to an event like this before.  I had no idea what to expect.  This event required me to travel alone, which I had never done.  It also required me to pull out a credit card, because I had NO money.  I was running a business that was failing - rapidly.  

          I flew myself to California nervous as all get out, hoping there would be one little thing at this event that would reignite my light.  

          That event ended up changing my life in the most dramatic way.  I learned from brilliant coaches who taught me how to get out of my own way and chase my dreams.  I made new friends who got me unlike anyone else in my life.  I came home full of confidence - with a powerful plan to build a better life.  

          I found hope.  I found power.  I found courage.  I found connection.

          Connecting with like minded women is 
          the fast track to hope & power.
          The reason that event was so profoundly impactful for me was because I found my people.  

          I found people who were in similar life circumstances, with similar struggles, with similar dreams.  

          I found people who had similar fears - and also a similar burning desire to overcome their fears.  

          To be honest, I didn't know other people like me even existed before I met all these dreamers and go getters.  And I certainly didn't know how desperately I needed to connect with them.  

          Learning from these coaches and making new relationships was like oxygen.  I felt my entire being open and expand as my mind was blown over and over by the lessons I learned and the new friends I made.  

          Let me introduce you to some of the people you will get to learn from during the Shameless Mom Con Collective.


          Mia Hemstad

          Talk: Combating Motherhood Burnout With Sustainable Self Nourishment
          Mia joined me for one of my favorite interviews of 2020. The way she talks about motherhood and mental health with such fierce conviction is everything.  
          Mia Hemstad is a wife and a mom of 2 little kiddos. Mia works as a Paid Family Leave and mental health advocate—writing and speaking online and advocating at the policy level for systemic change. After surviving postpartum depression and anxiety twice, and later being diagnosed with PTSD and depression, Mia is passionate about helping mothers leave the burnout cycle behind through her writing, speaking and coaching to support moms in navigating self-care and mental well-being in motherhood.

          Sarah Stevens

          Talk: How to Take Up Space and Love Yourself In The Process
          Every time Sarah posts anything on Instagram, my entire heart explodes. The way she talks about all the ways our bodies take up space will change your sense of self and sense of power forever. 
          Sarah is the founder of The Beautifull Project - a storytelling collective that invites women back to their bodies and into a world where they belong with substance and with strength. Sarah is a gifted storyteller with a skill for using her own experience as a woman navigating the world in a fat body to invite her audience to encounter the parts of themselves they hide away from the world - the parts they believe to be “too much”. Addressing everything from too-big bodies to a fear of failure that cripples confidence, Sarah amplifies a message that moves beyond a body positive sentiment and creates a movement that makes room for every body to tell their truth and take up space. She draws out confidence and courage. She believes in being free and full. And she will make a believer out of you, too.

          Tiffany Bluhm

          Talk: Unearthing The Intersection of Race, Class, Gender, and Power
          Tiffany brilliantly speaks to all the ways women show up in the world in spite of the systemic oppression we face. She is a force. She will open your eyes, while inspiring you to take action.
          Tiffany Bluhm is the author of Prey Tell, She Dreams and Never Alone. She is a sought after speaker, writer, and podcast co-host of the popular podcast Why Tho, a show answering the existential and nonsensical questions we ask ourselves, with author and speaker, Ashley Abercrombie. She speaks at conferences and events around the world, and her work has been featured in Publisher's Weekly, Sojo, TODAY Parents, the Hallmark Channel, The Jenny McCarthy Show, and more. As a minority, immigrant woman with an interracial family, she is passionate about women's equality and justice.

          Laura Cathcart Robbins

          Conversation with Laura and Sara: How Sharing Your Stories Gives All Women More Power
          Laura and I have collectively interviewed hundreds of women over the past few years.  We see the magic that happens when women tell their stories.  Together, we are going to share with you what we've learned - and inspire you to own and honor your stories in new ways.
          Laura Cathcart Robbins is a Shameless Mom, freelance writer, podcast host and storyteller. She has been active for many years as a speaker and school trustee, and is credited for creating The Buckley School’s nationally recognized committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Her recent articles in the Huffington Post share her deeply personal stories around race, recovery and divorce and have garnered her world-wide acclaim. She is a 2018 LA Moth StorySlam winner and host of the popular podcast, The Only One In The Room.  

          Leslie Lyons

          Talk: Using the Enneagram to Improve Communication With Your Loved Ones
          Leslie uses the Enneagram to help women learn more about themselves and how they interact with the world. She is going to change the way you see yourself and your gifts.  
          Leslie Lyons is the Founder of Bombshell Movement Studio in Chicago, host of the Beyond the Pole: Tales from the CEO podcast, and a sales and leadership coach for female entrepreneurs. With a background in corporate sales, youth ministry (yes-she’s a Christian and the owner of a pole studio!), and as a leader for studio owners throughout the US, Leslie has spent her life pouring into women emotionally and spiritually. Now, more than ever, her dedication to helping entrepreneurial women lead with their heart and head is the exact type of leadership we need.

          Liz Nead

          Talk: The Power of Now - How To Use the 1440 Principle to Organize (and LOVE) Your Life
          Liz is my soul sister. Every time we have the opportunity to connect sparks fly. I know her spark is going to light you all the way UP.  
          Liz Nead is an adventure speaker, traveling the world and taking on challenges to find lessons of leadership, communication diversity and inclusion. A diversity speaker and researcher for over a decade, she specializes common language and daily communication around race and cultural differences in the workplace. Liz uses a direct, humorous and vivid style from the stage to create opportunities for communication around differences Liz has also served as an executive coach and consultant for Time Management and DEI challenges for companies like Paypal, News Corp, National Guard and YWCA.
          Liz is a television host and author, writing several Amazon best sellers, most recently “The 1440 Principle.” She also won a regional Emmy for her television show, “Life Dare.” Liz balances her passionate work with a thriving family of seven, and husband of 20 years, a retired army major. 

          Casey O'Roarty

          Talk: Parenting Through Life As It Unfolds - Keeping Your Head and Heart Aligned When It Feels Like The World Is Falling Apart
          Casey is a truth teller and conversation starter, even when the conversations are super sticky, as is the case with kids and mental health. Our kids mental health has never been in such peril, so I asked Casey to come in and share her brilliance and tools with you all.  
          Casey O’Roarty, M.,Ed, is a facilitator of personal growth and development. Her work encourages parents to discover the purpose of their journey, and provides them with tools and a shift of mindset that allows them to deepen their relationships with themselves and their families. Casey has been a Positive Discipline Trainer and Coach since 2007. She hosts a podcast, mini summits, live and online classes, a membership and individual coaching at joyfulcourage.com. She is the author of Joyful Courage: Calming the Drama and Taking Control of YOUR Parenting Journey. Over the past few years, Casey has had the opportunity to walk her talk through her daughter's mental health challenges and her husbands diagnosis and treatment of Multiple Myeloma. 

          Panel: Identity, Authenticy and Leadership

          When I thought about my dreams for The Shameless Mom Con Collective, I imagined a panel of women joining me for a conversation on identity and leadership and what it looks to lead with the various identities you carry, rather then trying to hide or shrink them.  Three women immediately came to mind when I envisioned this conversation: Nikita Burks-Hale, Chelsea Stevenson, and Alison Tedford.  I am so honored and humbled that they each said YES to joining us for this conversation.  I know they are going to open your heart, help you see your innate power, and show you what is possible when you truly let yourself SHINE. 

          Nikita Burks-Hale

          Nikita Burks-Hale is the CEO and Head Creative of JourneyGurl Magic Productions, a podcast production company that supports and empowers Womxn of Color as they bring their unique voices to the masses through podcasting. 
          Nikita is also our beloved Assistant Coach in the Shameless Mom Academy.  She and her wife just welcomed their daughter, Remy, to the world.  Remy is the newest and perhaps most fierce member of the SMA team.

          Chelsea Stevenson

          Chelsea Stevenson is a professional henna artist, business strategist, and homeschooling (even before the pandemic) mom of three based in Baltimore, MD. With a focus on brand positioning and sustainability, she teaches henna artists and other creative, niche service-based entrepreneurs how to build vibrant, profitable businesses through her brand, Hennapreneur. She believes above all things that there is power in the legacy we leave, and that this legacy is built every single day. 

          Alison Tedford

          Alison Tedford is an author, marketing consultant, and single mom from Abbotsford, BC, Canada. She is also an Indigenous woman and leader who runs a thriving business while also managing a disability.  Alison's work has been published on AlJazeera, CBC, Upworthy and Today's Parent and her debut book, Chronic Profit, is being released by Self Counsel Press in April 2021.

          About Sara...

          Hi!  I'm Sara Dean :).  I'm a Transformation & Leadership Coach and the creator & host of the top rated Shameless Mom Academy Podcast which has been downloaded in over 140 countries 3.5 MILLION times.  

          I have spent the last 18 years supporting women through transition and transformation in my careers in psychology, sociology, health, fitness and wellness . 

          My biggest passion is helping Shameless Moms own their space. I motivate and inspire moms to stop shrinking and start growing in ways they never thought possible #everydamnday.

          My biggest burning desire is to inspire you to create greatness in all areas of your life. 

          When I'm not working with my amazing Shameless Moms, I am busy planning my next (post COVID) dream vacation while building Harry Potter lego empires with my 8 year old, Vinnie - oh, and also picking up puppy poop cause I'm one of those people who thought a pandemic puppy was a brilliant idea for 10 minutes.

          Early bird Tickets are available for a very limited time!
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          Take advantage of special pricing and ensure your spot before this event sells out! 
          Your Ticket To The Shameless Mom Con Collective Grants You Access To:
          • Virtual Kick Off Party  
          • ​Weekly Guest Speakers
          • ​Weekly Group Coaching with Sara
          • ​Collective Virtual Retreat Day on May 14th 
          • ​​Private Facebook Group for Collective Members Only
          • Special Swag Bag Mailed Right To Your Door (for first 100 registrants)
          • ​BONUS: Shameless Motivational Adult Coloring Book
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          Total Value: $397

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          What Other Shameless Moms Have To Say About 
          Shameless Mom Con
          LiZ A
           I believe in myself for the first time in a long time.
          My biggest take away from Shameless Mom Con was that I can do hard things. That I can do great things. That we (women) are more alike than we know - and knowing this is empowering beyond my wildest imagination. I believe in myself for the first time in a long time and it has everything to do with my participation in Shameless MomCon. I would recommend this event to all the mamas out there who want to get more focus, more courage, more support and more momentum in the areas of their life that matter most to them.
          Samantha M
           I have found people who support me and understand my journey.
          I came to Shameless Mom Con to find my tribe, to meet my online friends in real life, to continue to grow in all the ways I have been making momentum in my life. My biggest takeaway from the event was identifying that not everyone in my life will support me or understand why I am making changes. I have found people who support me and understand my journey, and those are the people that I will put in my circle. I would recommend Shameless Mom Con to anyone who feels lost in their life, like they give everything to everyone else in their life and there is no time for themselves; anyone who is looking to improve or fix their marriage and understand how their partner works or why they do the things they do; anyone who wants to find connection and friendship; anyone who feels lonely; anyone who feels they are too broken to belong to this group... you need to be here. 
          Mei W
           we are more alike than we are different.
          I came to Shameless Mom Con to practice being engaged with a large group of people and being authentic at the same time. My biggest takeaway from the event is that we are more alike than we are different. I see this conference exploding in size in the coming years. I feel SO honored to have been able to attend the very first SMC! I would recommend SMC to all my close friends and family. I've already told two of my friends that I'm "dragging them" to this event next year (little do they know what a treat they'll be in for!)
          Rachel K
           this experience was far more powerful than I expected. 
          My biggest takeaway from Shameless Mom Con was the power in our shared stories and how much we can learn and connect with each other when we choose to be vulnerable and honest with ourselves and each other. I had so many amazing conversations one-on-one and in small groups. Some conversations were just what I needed to hear to motivate me to think bigger for my small business (side hustle). Over the course of SMC, I realized that one part of my life really needs to be a priority to make all the other parts even better, and though I knew that part was lacking, it was still unexpected that it emerged so clearly. I have long believed that there is power in women lifting each other up, but this experience (as well as Momentum Mamas) was far more powerful than I expected. I can't wait for the next Shameless Mom Con!
          Bonnie M
           I don’t have to face this world alone... I can do hard things.
          I came to Shameless Mom Con because for the last 12 years I have lost who I am outside of motherhood. I came so I would have time to really focus on me and be able to do it without the distractions of everyday life. My biggest take away was that there are so many women out there who share the same struggles as me and I don’t have to face this world alone. Another big take away was that I can do hard things. I faced a lot of fears with attending mom con and I realized that I am stronger than I thought I was. SMC really gave me the little push I needed to step out of my comfort zone. Lastly, I am amazed and blown away with the friendships that I made while there. I had no idea that I would make such strong connections.  
          Stephanie B
           I’ve come out of this with a renewed sense of drive and motivation to make big changes!
          I came to Shameless Mom Con because I really needed a change in my life. Things pretty much came to a standstill for me after my father passed away 3 years ago and I haven’t been able to pull myself out of it since. I was never going to make positive change in my life if I didn’t make uncomfortable choices and start showing up for myself. Getting out of my comfort zone was hard but exactly what I needed. My biggest takeaway from the event was that I am worth it. That even though I don’t feel successful in my career I’m incredibly successful in other facets of my life. The career will come if I keep believing in myself. I learned a lot about my personality type and how that has effected me my entire life. I learned to embrace myself and other women for the struggles we’ve been through. I’ve come out of this with a renewed sense of drive and motivation to make big changes! I would recommend Shameless Mom Con to any woman that is looking to love herself again. To any woman who struggles with feeling worth it. Any woman who wants to connect with other like minded individuals who are ready to support you in whatever way that looks like for you.
          Nikita B
           I matter. I am important. I am enough.
          I came to Shameless Mom Con to find my people. To have a space where no one know me where I could be vulnerable. I came to find myself and my purpose. My biggest takeaways from the event were that I matter. I am important. I am enough. And finally I am a BADASS. I would recommend SMC to any mom who wants to start fresh. Who wants a new perspective. Who wants to find community. Who wants to feel like they have found themselves.
          “Sara's program has challenged me and inspired me. It has gotten me, for the first time, set yearly goals, to set small intermediate steps, and take actions in accomplishing those small steps, which gets me to those big goals. The group has provided incredible support and encouragement for the hard days and tough decisions in a totally non-judgmental and open way. That support and encouragement is invaluable and certainly has improved my life in that I know I have a place/people to go to who will listen, inspire, encourage and motivate me. It is also pretty amazing to have this group to celebrate your victories and successes...I knew signing up for this program would be a great experience, but it has been so much more than I could have expected. I am so honored to be a part of this group.”
          - Meredith D.
          I would recommend this program to other moms because if I have learned one thing, it is that connection is everything. I looked forward to our calls each week because I knew I would see familiar faces, even though I had never actually met any of these women in person, I felt deeply connected to them and the goals they shared with the group. It was like you had your own personal cheering squad. Every mom was rooting for your success, offering advice and words of support, and genuinely invested in the group as a whole. The group celebrated and encouraged self-care, something so many Moms put at the bottom of the priority list. Sara offers practical action steps that can be applied immediately to make lasting change in habits, mindset and long-term goal setting. This goup is a MUST for any Mom who is looking for support whether that be personally or professionally
          - Maria A.
          I've actually ALREADY recommended this program to another mom-friend! I think it's just so easy to run in circles in your head of every angle, possible mistakes, strategies, and basically fall into "Analysis Paralysis" when you're doing it all on your own. This really helped get me unstuck. Having this community helped me feel that I'm not alone in my paralysis of fears, doubts, and worries. But it doesn't even end there... because the most important part beyond that is that these are all other mamas who have said "yes" to facing their fears and taking action. To be surrounded by that and feed off each other's momentum and support each other's triumphs and struggles along the way is invaluable. INVALUABLE. Do this program. Sara has got a good thing started here!
          - Jasmine P.
          I would recommend this program to any and ALL moms! It is an amazing experience to join a group of other mommas to learn about their challenges and gain the insightful wisdom of Sara and the other mommas. I signed up specifically to make a decision on my next career move and finished the program with so many helpful tools to add to my mommy tool box.
          - Sharon B.
          I would recommend this program to other women trying to take their life to the next level through action and efficiency. I didn't know how to "get out of my head" long enough to accomplish any of the task needed to propel me forward in my business. Through this program I learn how to "just do it" by making imperfect action and not allowing the imposter within me, to stop me from accomplishing my goals.
          - Courtney G.
          Honestly, I came into this whole process with the mindset that I'm happy in my career, I love my family and I've got this all under control - the stress of juggling "work-life balance" is just normal right? I was dead wrong! This group was the wake-up call my brain needed to realize my full potential and give me the confidence to take on any life challenge. Sara has brought together all the key lessons a personal life coach, business coach, fitness trainer, nutritionist, therapist, work colleague, mentor and friend into one brilliant program that would otherwise take forever to complete on your own, wrapped up into 6 weeks of mind-blowing personal growth. I didn't expect to have such clarity in areas where I thought I was strong, but as it turns out, I could really use some help. She helped align my vision for what I want for myself, my family and my career. 
          - Julie R.
          As a busy mom, one thing I loved was the bite-sized nuggets of information that were easy to digest and act upon each week. Sara did a great job of delivering the information in such a way that it was helpful to make small changes and incorporate new routines and ideas to make my days more productive. 
          - Barb A.
          I am very pleased that I participated in Sara’s Mastermind group. I feel like I've been able to climb a tall ladder and I have a larger view of my life and bring in a lot of resources that I hadn't been aware of. This helped me build and strengthen skills within myself. Even dealing with every day life, such as raising a challenging child, juggling home schooling and work, family stressors, etc., this perspective has helped me bring in tools to really drive my goals forward. Thanks Sara! 
          - Lynn A.
          Early Bird Tickets Available for a very lmiited time!
          00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
          Take advantage of special pricing and ensure your spot before this event sells out!
          Your Ticket To The Shameless Mom Con Collective Grants You Access To:
          • Virtual Kick Off Party
          • ​Weekly Guest Speakers
          • Weekly Group Coaching
          • ​Collective Retreat Day on May 14th 
          • ​Private Facebook Group For Collective Members Only
          • Special Swag Bag Mailed Right To Your Door (for first 100 registrants!)
          • ​BONUS: Shameless Motivational Adult Coloring Book
          • ​BONUS: Shameless Mom Con Spotify Play List

          Total Value: $397

          Your Early Bird Ticket: 
          I cannot wait to spend these 4 weeks with you!
          YOU BELONG HERE.
          Transformation & Accountability Coach, runner Girl, BRAVO Fanatic, SHameless Mom
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